Business concept


The overall mission of TK Development is to create added value by developing real property. The Group operates in the property development and services environments, and specializes in being the creative and result-oriented link between tenants and investors.

Business concept

The Group’s strategic focus is the development of real property, termed property development, in Denmark and Sweden. 

The Group´s discontinuing activities comprise all activities outside Denmark and Sweden as well as completed properties in operation in Denmark. 

Strategy for property development

TK Development applies various models in its approach to property development:

  • For the Group’s own account with or without pre-selling projects. Projects may be financed by the Group itself or by the buyer in step with project completion (forward funding). As a general rule, projects will only be initiated if they have been fully or partially presold to investors and the capital tie-up can be kept to a minimum.
  • Together with business partners throughout the construction period.
  • Services third parties.

Strategy for discontinuing activities

The Group’s asset discontinuing activities will be divested as soon as possible in order to free up capital and focus on property development activities in Denmark and Sweden.

The net proceeds from the sale of discontinuing activities will be distributed to the Company’s shareholders.