Discontinuing activities

The Group’s discontinuing activities comprise the operation of the Group’s completed properties and investment properties as well as land and development projects on the markets where the Group wishes to eventually discontinue its activities.


The Group’s discontinuing activities will be divested as soon as possible in order to free up capital and focus on property development activities in Denmark and Sweden.


The net proceeds from the sale of discontinuing activities will be distributed to the Company’s shareholders.


List of completed properties

Below please find an outline of the Group's wholly and partly owned properties in operation. The list corresponds to the latest published announcement of financial statements.

Name Country Type m2 TK
Projects in wholly owned companies
Completed projects
Sillebroen, Frederikssund Denmark Shopping centre 26400 100 %
Galeria Sandecja, Nowy Sącz Poland Shopping centre 17500 100 %
Aabenraa Denmark Retail park 4200 100 %
Brønderslev Denmark Retail property 1200 100 %
Investment properties
German investment property Germany Mixed 14000 100 %
Projects in joint ventures
Ringsted Outlet Denmark Outlet centre 13200 50 %
BROEN Shopping, Esbjerg Denmark Retail 29800 35 %
Amerika Plads, underground car park Denmark Car park 32000 50 %